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P&P is family-owned business out of Athol, Idaho. We understand that Cleanliness is top priority and Safety is crucial. We believe that strong relationships are built on trust and reliability. That's why our goal is to help you by setting a higher standard in all your sanitation needs.

For five generations we lived in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Yosemite National Park, but with a long time love for the North West, we recently packed up and moved the entire family to Northern Idaho. It wasn’t long after our arrival that we recognized there was a dramatic need for local Idaho based Portable Sanitation Services, an industry that we have been involved with for many years. As people who have worked in industries using a lot of portable toilets, we know there is nothing worse than needing to use one only to find that it is over-full or not clean because of poor and unacceptable service. As someone who has previously worked for a very reputable and "professional" portable sanitation company who sets high standards in customer service, quality equipment, and sanitation cleanliness, I have had first hand training and experience to provide what we believe you deserve.


It is my wife and my dream to work alongside our children, and their growing families. That’s when we came up with the idea for P&P (Phillips & Phillips) Portable Sanitation. We are honored to work beside two of our sons to build a company that is changing the way you will view portable toilets and the sanitation industry.


And that’s why our personal guarantee is to provide you with a portable toilet I’d be proud to send my Mother to use, and that’s a Guarantee!

Your guests and employees will thank you for making P&P your 1st choice.

D. Marc Phillips

Marc Phillips


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At P&P Portable we are Dedicated and Committed to go the extra mile in setting a higher standard in every aspect of your portable sanitation needs.

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