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P&P Long Term Rentals

Committed to a Higher Standard for all of your long term rental needs in the Idaho Panhandle.

Long Term Toilet Rentals

P&P Portable restrooms provide a cost effective alternative to permanent facilities and offer the added convenience of continual mobility – placed wherever they are needed most. We offer Long Term rental services of temporary restrooms at an adjusted lower price.

One of our P&P Sanitation Professionals will discuss the rental needs that you have: the long term necessities, budgets, personnel requirements, and location, and we will make recommendations that will perfectly fit your needs. Typical Long Term rentals include: Parks, Community Areas, Lumber Yards, Logging Mills, Factories, Gas Stations, Warehouses, Lakes, Recreation Areas and Other Businesses.​ Contact us today

208-999-3397 to receive a FREE, no obligation quote!

Long Term Portable Toilet Rental


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