Restroom(s) and portable sanitation equipment will be placed in a convenient and accessible location on level ground with a consciousness of event safety and visibility for the convenience of the customer without obstructing site plans. If needed the units will be staked down or placed in a safe location to protect from wind and the environment. 

A technician will inspect each unit for any minor damage or repairs.

All equipment will be pressure-washed inside and out when placed at location. If rented for an extended period of time all equipment will be cleaned and sanitized as agreed upon in Service Agreement and regular scheduling for pressure washing will be set up.

Holding tank will be evacuated and interior debris removed

Holding tank will be refilled with environmentally-friendly deodorizer

The interior will be sprayed with disinfectant, cleaned & dried  including all walls, toilet seat, urinal, the exterior of holding tank, sink, paper dispensers and the floor etc.

Special deodorizer spray and/or disks will be added after cleaning.

If ordered: In-unit sinks will be refilled with fresh water and soap dispensers or hand sanitizers will be checked and filled as necessary.

Toilet paper dispenser(s) will be checked and restocked with the appropriate rolls.

If ordered: Hand-Wash Stations and/or Hand Sanitizers will be replenished and restocked.

In our Commitment To A Higher Standard, all of our Portable Sanitation Professionals are trained in our leading 10-Point Service Plan and customer promise to ensure consistent and safe sanitation and service at every service location.

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